I hadn’t used it in a while, my EVO 8 audio interface. I planned to sell it for a while ago, but there was no interest. In the meantime, it turned out that the original packaging had been damaged by some water, which makes selling it a lot more difficult. So, it went back in the closet.

And lo and behold, less than a month later two projects come along at once where I need it. It looks like a somewhat clunky box, but it certainly isn’t. It has four microphone inputs (XLR or 6.3 mm Jack unbalanced) that can be independently controlled. That has to be done with a knob, but it’s fine in many situations. It also supports microphones that require 48 Volt phantom power, also has an input for a guitar, two headphone jacks for monitoring (singer and producer) and can be very easily connected to the computer via a USB-C cable. This way you don’t need an external power supply and you can send all audio channels to the computer.

The green button allows the interface to set the level automatically. You press the green button once, then select one of the four inputs (buttons 1-4 or all!) and press the green button again. Then speak some sentences into the microphone so it can analyze the audio. Also speak at your loudest so he can include that in the analysis. After a while, the green button flashes and the interface is set to the right level.

Once in the middle of a freakishly dry summer, I left the attic window open to let everything cool down upstairs and right in the middle of the night some rain fell. The box was lost as a result, but the EVO 8 lay high and dry downstairs in a cupboard and may do its job again for some voice over recordings. By the way, it is also great to use for podcast recordings with multiple microphones. You’ll have to add the jingles and music later in the editing process.

Audient, the manufacturer of the EVO 8 has extensive support for all their products online with helpful tips. Take a look at this website.

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