‘Run like the wind’ by Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon and Matti Haapoja were invited to Iceland by Epidemic Sound with an assignment: “Make images with all your cameras and show the meaning of the word ‘Epic.’ That resulted in some extraordinary videos. The video above is Peter’s and the video below is Matti’s. Each with a mix of the same images, but also each with a unique experience and story.

‘Travel feels Iceland’ by Matti Haapoja

Matti likes to tell his story in his videos. He goes back to his days when he produced a lot of “Travel feels” videos for his channel. In this video he uses a lot of drone footage that he captured with a DJI FPV with a GoPro Hero 11 on top. Matti has perfected flying an FPV drone over the past few years through trial and error (especially crashing his drones). 

Peter McKinnon films with Canon mirrorless cameras and Matti with a Sony Mirrorless. In addition to shooting a lot of video, they also take a lot of pictures. In the video below, Peter introduces his travel companion Mats who has been working in Iceland as a photographer for almost 10 years and also shoots videos for the bigger brands: Silverback Films, Netflix, BBC, 66 North, DJI, Icelandair, Olympus, Goretex, Land Rover, Suzuki, National Geographic, and tourism agencies from Visit Svalbard, Visit Faroe Islands, Visit Greenland, Travel Alberta and Inspired by Iceland. He gives a wonderful explanation of how to take your photos to the next level with the new version of Lightroom Classic in the video.

‘Basic to bangers’ by Peter McKinnon

And you can do that just fine with footage taken with a GoPro Hero camera. This is an oldie but it’s still a video you can get a lot of inspiration from. Last but not least, the new GoPro Hero 11 can capture footage in a 10-bit video stream. A very important step, giving you many more options for colouring your footage.

‘Making GoPro footage cinematic’ by Matti Haapoja

Translated with DeepL

In many Youtube videos, we are inundated with introductions of new products. With every launch of brands like Canon, DJI, GoPro and Sony, the cameras and lenses fly around our ears. Within 24 hours you are bombarded with very short video montages and bite-sized advertisements.

I much prefer watching videos you can learn from. ‘Run like the wind’ and ‘Travel feels Iceland’ are an excellent example of that. A mix of beautiful images, lots of special effects and a wonderful audio mix. Put the videos on full screen and the sound at maximum level. 

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