The video documentary “The spirit of Luskentyre” is a gem found on Youtube. The project has shared so many beautiful experiences about Nigel Danson’s 30 days on the beach of Luskentyre. Not only in the videos you see really beautiful images, but also in the book Nigel has created. I have now received the book (number #1286 out of 1500) and it has brought me new inspiration and ideas.

With a team of two men, they set the bar very high. Even though they had a whole month to film, there was often no time to shoot with a second camera for “behind the scenes” footage. It was very hard work to capture all facets of landscape photography. Really everything came along in that month: changing weather conditions with strong wind, rain, snow, storm, hot and cold. But also pain, joy, happiness and the many struggles with the different conditions where also all the equipment had to endure the vagaries of mother nature. Sand and salt are relentless to your camera. 

Everything was captured with different cameras, including a drone for the beautiful aerial shots. Beforehand, a plan was made for the shoot, divided into themes. A script was built, music was picked in advance and everything was put on paper. But of course you depend on a lot of circumstances and you have to wait and see what you can capture from those preparations. In my previous blog post you can see all three parts of “The spirit of Luskentyre,” along with a video in which Nigel shows off the beautiful book. He can rightly be very proud of that. But also Rick deserves all the praise because his ‘dance’ around Nigel to make all those wonderful shots is sincerely of a very high level.

Another thing I can really appreciate is the openness with which Rick is now telling his story about his experiences with the project. He may not have been able to film much behind the scenes with an extra camera, but he had enough footage with which to tell his own story in this series. As far as I am concerned, this is the fourth part of the series which follows on excellently from the first three.

Creating a Viral Photography Documentary (with Nigel Danson)

In addition to this video, Rick also made one about his working methods; in fact, he very often works alone. But after collaborating with Nigel, this adventure made him change his mind. After meeting with Nigel, where they both took part in a photo workshop, Rick regularly collaborated with him and again: the collaboration for this project did very well on Youtube for both of them.

The series is a success on Youtube, book sales are also going well and Nigel held an exhibition during the weekend of September 16 and 17, 2023 with images taken during their visit to Luskentyre.

Is Creating Alone the Key to Getting your Best Work?

This documentary with all the extras has become a wonderful series absolutely worth watching if you love landscape photography. It has become a personal story and an encounter between Luskentyre beach, the two men and their cameras. Each of them played an important role, and both men knew how to respond perfectly to the other, as evidenced by the beautiful images they created. 

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