Dylan John has created a color grading course in Final Cut Pro. The course can be ordered online. In 85 lessons, you’ll get a clear explanation of how to correct and grade your video footage.

The Final Cut Pro Masterclass Color Grading dives so deep into the basics that even seasoned editors will discover value in the beginner lessons. Essentially, the course is suitable for all levels. For beginners, it’s your ticket from zero to color grading hero. If you’re intermediate level, you can finally start creating the professional looks you’ve always wanted and feel comfortable doing so. And for the more advanced, the master class reveals surprising tips you didn’t know existed and expands your horizons on what’s possible with color correction in Final Cut Pro.

The course also uses the Color Finale 2 Pro plug-in. It is not necessary to purchase that plug-in for this course. You can download a demo version or use the 50% discount code you receive with this course.

The course begins with some introductory videos explaining the basics. This is followed by an introduction to the world of video scopes, followed by an overview of color correction and color grading tools. In that chapter you also get an overview of the basic concepts in the Color Finale 2 Pro plugin. 

Having gone through those basics then the real work begins with color theory and different parts in color corrections. A comprehensive introduction with; correcting LOG images correctly, setting brightness, contrast and saturation correctly. With the section ‘Art of Color Balancing’ you dive into depth, followed by an extensive chapter on secondary color corrections and finally ‘shot to shot matching’.

After correcting all images for their differences and you can begin the extensive chapter on color grading. That chapter may not always be suitable for all your video editing, but it is definitely worthwhile if you are looking for a workflow in which you want to give a video your own style (look). Using several videos, you’ll get an explanation of how to create that style yourself. With no less than 17 videos in the last chapter, and 5 new future videos to be added, you will come to the end of this comprehensive course. The future videos will be added for free as a supplement to the course.

I myself work regularly in Final Cut Pro and I have not come across such a nice comprehensive course on color corrections and grading before. I also recently started working in DaVinci Resolve because this software with its own digital audio workflow and color correction/grading offers much more possibilities than in Final Cut Pro. The beauty of this course is that it gives you a solid foundation that you can apply in virtually any NLE on the market. Yes, the buttons are in a different place, but once you find them, everything is almost 100% applicable in that other software. 

A tip: Final Cut Pro costs 329 Euros, Color Finale Pro 2 costs $149 (minus the 50% discount you get with the course) and DaVinci Resolve studio. They are all free to download and the first two have a trial period. 
DaVinci Resolve has two versions: the free version and the Studio version. The free version can edit video material up to 4K and does not use all your processors. The Studio version has no limitations and costs 329 Euros.

Dylan John color grading tips


Dylan John Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@DylanJohnYT

The course website: Color Grading Course Final Cut Pro door Dylan John

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