Around IBC is the time for a lot of brands to introduce their new products. This was also true for GoPro who introduced their new Hero just like their competitors. The successor to the 2022 Hero 11 has more quality and features built back in.

Both the GoPro Hero 12 Black and Hero 11 Black can capture photos and videos at up to 5.3K resolution with an aspect ratio of 8:7. However, the Hero 12 Black supports this aspect ratio for all video resolutions and more modes, including TimeWarp, Time Lapse, Night Lapse and all Night Effects modes. This is really great news, as I would prefer no other way to work with all my cameras. 

With a video resolution of 5.3K in an aspect ratio of 8:7, you’ve got the cream of the crop. With an almost square image, you can capture all your footage for both horizontal and vertical video formats. With horizon lock enabled, the camera even completely automatically keeps the horizon flat. And then they top it off with 10 bit color. With 27 megapixels, it is also a very compact still camera that can capture all images in RAW.

What is also very nice: GoPro has kept the dimensions the same as its predecessors. That’s very nice because then you don’t have to buy all the accessories again. It all fits and so you can save up in that area or look at accessories you haven’t bought yet.

With all the improvements, the GoPro Hero 12 was on the list to replace the Hero 11. Was, because GoPro took a feature out of the Hero 12 to improve power consumption: GPS. And exactly that is one of the features I very much want in all my cameras. So the GoPro Hero 11 stays in the camera bag and the Hero 12 stays on the shelves. Therefore, just some more great advertising for the Hero 11, because it is really great and it has GPS built in.

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