Those who make their videos with Final Cut Pro know that there is a long list of wishes from all users. To fulfill all those wishes will be quite a challenge for Apple’s software development team.

Yet I am amazed at the pace at which the software development team behind DaVinci Resolve is working on features. DaVinci Resolve is similar to Final Cut Pro, but there are distinct differences in the workflow. For example, the software has several screens; pages in which you can work on the various steps of your editing.

In the Media page you can import and organize audio, video and titles.
In the Cut page, you can quickly create a simple montage.
In the Edit page, you work in a fully functional editor for your videos.
In the Fusion page, you can add effects to your images.
In the Color page, you can make color corrections in your edit.

De Fairlight pagina is wat mij betreft het deel wat mist in Final Cut Pro. Het is mogelijk om je audio in Final Cut Pro te bewerken of over te brengen naar Logic Pro, maar die workflow is niet compleet. In DaVinci Resolve blijf je in dezelfde software werken, schakel je naar Fairlight onderin de balk en kun je zelf een audiomix maken binnen je eigen montage. Een beetje zoals dit concept in Final Cut Pro:

A concept design video: Audio meters and faders in Final Cut Pro

Unfortunately, this concept has remained an unanswered wish for three years. With an update or workaround with Logic Pro, this concept could become truth. But whether it will ever become truth none of us can tell. Speculating makes no sense, but looking around carefully and getting to know other tools such as DaVinci Resolve Studio does. That would mean that after a lot of years of Final Cut Pro, I will switch to this very nice editing suite.

The great thing is that you can download a version of DaVinci Resolve completely free from the website for up to 4K video. In addition to the software, you can find a comprehensive manual which has just been updated to version 18.5 and has a whopping 1600 pages. But all other components are also amply documented.

For those who do not like reading, those 1600 pages are quite a lot, you can find text and explanations on Youtube on many channels on how to work with DaVinci Resolve. By the way, DaVinci Resolve is available for computers running Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. A tip: Resolve Studio needs a key to work. That one comes in different forms. Personally, I purchased the software through the App Store. Updates are usually available for download there a day after release. Beta versions of the Studio version only work with the keys you buy through Black Magic Design’s website. The Studio version costs 332.75 Euros. The Studio version is optimized for your computer hardware (works faster with hardware acceleration) and has more features including the Color page.

You may be wondering why there is a free version of the software? That is very easy to answer; Black Magic Design is a hardware company that is very eager to sell its hardware to its customers. For DaVinci Resolve, there are a good number of devices for sale. For those who want to invest in them, they get the Studio version for free. So with an investment that is over 300 Euro you can save again on the software. And the updates, they are free until now.

You will have to get used to this new interface, but with a little time and effort you will get used to it quickly. Also, you should never bet on one horse. For now, DaVinci Resolve lets you get on wonderfully with your work and assures regular updates. This “suite” is over-complete and affordable. No subscription fees like other software developers. Downloading, Importing, Editing, Coloring, Audio Mixing and Exporting….

Through the last page: Deliver page you can export everything in the desired file form.
MotionVFX offers a wide range of products for DaVinci Resolve.
Ripple Training offers courses in English for every part of DaVinci Resolve.
Everlearn offers courses in Dutch for DaVinci Resolve.

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