Over the past few months, I’ve worked on a new photo archive. One where all our digital images are brought together. This archive will grow in two directions: all images added from now on and older analog images (film) will also be made digital by me. Hopefully, in the process I will be able to find a date on the printed images when they were taken. Usually that date was printed on the back in the printing process. 

Now that I have everything in folders with a structure of [Year]/[Month] I can start making backups. All the images are already together on a hard drive with enough capacity to continue filling the driver with images for several more years.

Now that one of our family lives elsewhere, I took the opportunity to make a copy of all the images and keep them “offsite. I could have offered all the images online as well, but that takes months to achieve that backup. In addition, I have to refresh it regularly to keep it. The cost of that is almost the same as an external hard drive, but every year.

Both daughters get their own hard disk with all the images. In addition, I keep multiple backups of all images myself. That may seem excessive, but today I had to return a 16 Terabyte hard drive because it failed. Every hard drive breaks down once and then you really lose everything on it. So it is always wise to make one or more backups of your photos.

For my photo archive I use Adobe Lightroom and for making backups I use the applications: Carbon Copy Cloaner and Chronosync. The first can very easily copy the contents of one drive onto another. The other can perform more when it comes to libraries. Those are collection files that you sometimes want to copy a part of. Chronosync is the most suitable application for that.

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