Everyone on this planet is going green. That is what we try to tell ourselves. But behind the scenes there is still a lot to change before we realize a truly circular economy. We literally burn everything to meet our energy needs: oil, coal, gigantic amounts of wood from logged forests and oil extracted from dead animals’ corpses. That burning destroys everything. We can skirt around it or deny it, but Mother Nature is more than fed up with us.

Mother Nature op bezoek bij Apple

We could make a funny movie about it. But Mother Nature is not Octavia Spencer. We are all part of Mother Nature. If we make her sick, we become sick ourselves. It is as simple as that. And we’ve come a pretty long way to a point where a very thick aspirin won’t help us heal.

Planet of the Humans

If you took the time to watch the whole movie, as I did, we burned quite a bit of forest together, all under the heading: green energy. 

Back to that top movie from Apple for a moment. Watch it again and see the glass, silicon, plastic and other materials that require a lot of energy to produce. Silicon, the most widely used material is in all electronics and that is made with huge amounts of energy. Quartz and carbon are melted in a furnace at 2,000 degrees. The end product is silicon, from which all chips are made. China is big producer of all the necessary raw materials and electronics products. The country has everything in the ground: oil, coal, gas, quartz, copper, aluminum and rare metals. China produces for the whole world and their chimneys smoke 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

In ten years we won’t have winters here. Our climate is changing rapidly and will soon equal that of the areas around the Mediterranean Sea. We heat our homes and food, drive cars and bikes, use more and more electrical appliances…all powered by electricity. Networks are already overloaded and the people who manage the power grid have to become smarter and faster when the sun shines, or drops due to clouds because then there is a big dip in generated solar energy. 

In that respect, we live in a beautiful and rich, but also very challenging little country. And before we forget, our gas, water, transportation, gas stations and the entire telecom industry with all the data centers all run on electricity. Lots and lots of power. Power is silent, but it is a silent killer. It burdens our environment more and more heavily, silently and unnoticed. To solve that problem, we need a lot of bright minds. But first we all need to start looking to use much less energy. 

We all live on the same planet. Do you have plans to move to Mars? That planet could use some more warming. Our only salvation here on Earth, is to find lots of solutions for this “Planet of the Humans. Richt now, and not wait until 2030.

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