Last weeks I was lucky enough to test the successor to my Sony A7RIV. That was a very special experience. In that camera there are techniques built in that until recently were not possible at all. Techniques that surprised me very positively. The level of this successor is another big step higher.

Cameras like this one need a period of development. It takes a considerable time before they are released on the market. You could say that when this camera is released, the next one is already in development. And at Sony, that bar is very high. That’s also why I chose the A7RIV at the time, despite the fact that it had been sold for a few years and I really compared everything from Canon, Nikon, Fuji and Panasonic to this camera.

Unfortunately, I did have a lot of bad weather during my test weeks, but despite that I didn’t experience any camera malfunction at all. Something like that did happen to Blair Bunting during a very special photo shoot with the A7RV on the edge of our atmosphere. The LCD screen of his Sony A7RV suddenly stopped working. Fortunately, he still got great results with this wonderful camera.

Soon I will share my own experiences with two special Sony cameras from here on my website. A trip back to the future.

Blair Bunting

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