I warmly recommend The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Water Mitty works in the photo archive department of Life magazine. As he and his co-worker are about to lose their jobs, Walter embarks on a journey he never thought possible. In search of a photo that he thinks he has lost, he goes in search of the maker.

The film takes you to all the beautiful locations it visits to find the photographer who shot the image; the last photo to be on the cover of Time magazine. Walter travels over land and sea and climbs mountains to find the photographer Sean (Pen). On top of that mountain, Sean shares a personal experience with Walter when he’s about to take a very important photo.

That is perhaps the essence of photography. That’s why I love to look over the camera to enjoy the moment. Don’t look at a screen for a while, but stand or sit and record the surroundings with your own eyes and enjoy the moment and take your time.

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