Levi Allen lives and works in British Columbia, the east coast of Canada, he is very good at making adventure videos. With these videos he competes in film festivals and he shares them on his Youtube channel, among others. In addition to his production company, Levi also regularly takes people on trips to make better film and documentary makers out of them.

To give you an idea of who Levi is and what kind of videos he makes, I have prepared a special playlist on my own YouTube channel. Some of his videos I’m not allowed to embed here, which I find very unfortunate, but also natural. So, if you have become interested in his story and his work beforehand, you can find the playlist via this [link] on Youtube, or click on the image below.

In the first two episodes of the playlist, you get to hear Levi’s life story and talk about the business he has built in adventure filmmaking. An example of great productions made by Levi are the three episodes of the “Slackliners series” in which a group of young people push their limits by working with each other to push those limits higher and higher as they balance over a line.

Levi manages to capture all those high points beautifully with his cameras, literally pushing himself beyond his limits. Which, despite all the anxious moments, he does extremely well. He pushes his limits and focuses completely on the story. All three parts of this series can be viewed on in the playlist above. Part 1 I was fortunately able to bring into the story.

Slacklife series – Episode 1

In his most recent slackline film, he follows Mia as she attempts to walk the longest slackline. The limit has been pushed again. Filming with his drone and camera, he follows the slackliners to new heights where they must pull out all the stops to make her attempt succeed. It has been a huge challenge for everyone, with lots of risks. But in the end it turned out to be a fantastic documentary. What I personally also became very happy with is the pace at which the story was told, accompanied by beautiful images and perhaps even more importantly, the mix of the sound.

Walking on Air

In addition to many films at high altitudes, Eli also travels and films to unknown parts of the Canadian wilderness where he goes out on his own, or with friends, in his own unique way. He also built an igloo from ice blocks he sawed out of a frozen lake and spent a night in a paper-thin tent on top of a mountain. He is also crazy about technology, building his own shed in a shipping container and still working on his new electric bike.

A year ago he came up with a story that touches me personally because we lost a cousin in our family. My cousin was known for and completely idolized by fly fishing. He traveled in his life to beautiful places in the middle of nature where he enjoyed the scenery and tranquility while launching his fly fish with both feet in a fast flowing river. A wish of his was what Eli did in this video: a trip to Canada to fly fish in the middle of the wilderness. By the way, isn’t that also the area where bears roam, fishing with their claws and teeth?

Eli connects his story to the past in which his father and his grandfather went to the same area to go fly-fishing together. He wants to get the same feeling they experienced back then. Together, standing in the middle of the river, enjoying the scenery and the peace and quiet. With a gun on Grandpa’s back, in case that bear gets hungry.

Levi’s story is in two parts. But, after a year, the second part has not been finished. I have already asked him about it, because I am very curious to see how it continues. He assured me that he is still working on it. I really hope he will have the time to finish the second part. Making a really good story takes so much time and what comes out of it, you can see from the story about Mia. A beautiful and wonderful documentary that people are going to enjoy for a very long time and often.

Alone in the wildernis – Part One

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