What can you do to make your channel more popular on Youtube? Youtube itself is bursting at the seams when it comes to videos that want to advise and act on this, followed by a short sales pitch where you are referred to a course, book or another product that they would like to sell you.

I have the ambition to grow further with my channel towards the first 1000 subscribers. preferably on the basis that I have laid myself without doing crazy things in my videos, screaming thumbnail images that you often see or using clickbait titles. I like to make videos that I like to share with others and so I hope to improve things with a little more attention and adjustments to the channel.

Being findable means that something had to be changed. For example, I have linked all texts in Dutch and English to each video, I have provided each text with an appropriate short introduction, three hashtags (also in the titles) and further information about where you can find me on the Internet. the Copyright rights regarding the images supplemented with any reference to third parties. Everything short and clear. Oh yes, and very important: the music rights are also well arranged at Epidemic Sound and Artlist.

Youtube offers more and more possibilities to optimize your channel, but if you want to use it you have to adjust everything. With a standard text, this can in principle be adjusted across the entire collection at once, but unfortunately, I cannot use that on my channel. So I had to edit all the videos and their information one by one. Sometimes you have to put in some time.

Now it remains to be seen whether that optimization works. All videos are now linked in a number of playlists; playlists. Each video also includes one or more #hastags. If you choose #gertkracht you can find all videos and so #above and #shorts each have their own collection. Feel free to click on the words and sometimes, if a hashtag has been used by someone else you will find a mix. After all, I don’t have a monopoly on #terschelling and #shorts, but I do have a monopoly on another name: #waddentrotter

A lot of time goes into making the videos. You have to film it all and then process it all into a story. You have to learn that too, especially if you’re going to start doing that in other software. When the video is ready, it can be uploaded and shared on Youtube or other platforms, together with a catchy text and all associated information. You are literally busy for days, but it’s great fun to do and that’s why it’s absolutely no problem to give everything a new face every now and then.

If you want to stay informed about new work, consider subscribing to the channel. There are no costs involved. You can watch everything on your phone, laptop, desktop computer or television with a Youtube app. Lots of fun!

Gert #waddentrotter

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