Thunderbolt and USB-C cables

There is a tremendous history prior in the development of the USB-C standard, which will continue to evolve in the future. USB-C is a connector-only standard. What all is connected to that and what protocols are communicated with is an entirely different story.

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The art of reducing and growing

Over the years, a lot of techniques have become more complex and have reached more and more limits when it comes to producing electronic products in consumer electronics and in telecom. We have seen tremendous developments in less than three decades. We have reached physical limits several times, and yet we manage to stretch them further and further to the point where everything is unattainable.

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The computers with the most impact were sold somewhere between 1982 with the Commodore 64 as the very first home computer and the Amiga 1200 as the last model in the 1990’s. We sold and repaired those computers, monitors, joysticks, printers and a selective package of software. It is a timeline parallel to that of video cameras and the developments within a few decades is at least as impressive.

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