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About me

Hello, my name is Gert

On this website I like to share my experiences with audio, video, photography and our trips to the Wadden area.

Photography and video are my two biggest hobbies. On this website you can find a selection of my photos and videos. The latter you can also find more of on my Youtube channel.

I love to learn more about old and new techniques, but I also to share that knowledge.

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Lightroom Classic

I have been working with Lightroom from the first betas. I believe I still have version 1.0 and up on CD and DVD disks. The interface then looked less complicated, but this new version of Lightroom Classic has so many beautiful new features. It is a dream tool to use and I hope Adobe will keep developing new future versions with more nice features.

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Our moments

‘Our moments’ is an updated version of a story I wrote about my father, his sister and our family.

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The football fan

Every European and World Championship, with the participation of the Dutch team, it is a period of positive stress in the Netherlands for all soccer fans of the Dutch soccer team. Everyone wants to be home in time before the match starts and shopping is done beforehand.

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There are days when money flies out the door. Especially now that inflation is forcing us to pay more for many of our daily groceries. But sometimes money flies the other way. In the days of the guilder, it wasn’t much different. Even then there were some periods where we as a family business had a pretty hard time. All the more so because some of the products we sold were pure luxury, and with a hand on the purse strings in those days many of our customers only walked in for the essentials. Fortunately, those sales turned out to…

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