Travel and regular photowalks, one of my Shimoda backpacks always goes with cameras, lenses and accessories. Everything comfortably on your back over small or greater distances. One drawback; you have everything on your back and not readily available. For that you have to first remove the backpack, open it and get your equipment out, which takes time, and therefore you may miss an important photo moment. Fortunately, there are alternatives, but a slingbag and shoulder bag fall off because I start to feel them in my shoulder or back after an hour.

Recently I watched one of Thomas Heaton’s travel stories in which he and Murray Wilkie take a 100-Mile hike across Isle of Sky. With a 38 gallon backpack filled with minimal gear, this is quite doable. On short trips Thomas always carries his camera equipment in his backpack, but for this multi-day adventure he purchased a multisport backpack from Osprey. A small waist bag that you wear with a strap around your hip on your back or on the front of your stomach.

The Osprey Seral 7 has a capacity of 15 liters and comes with a 1.5 l Hydraulics Lumbar drinking bag. This is easily removed if you don’t need it for a day. The bag has small pockets for keys with a safety strap against loss, the drinking bag has its own pocket and in the front you can carry a camera body and one or more lenses. Ready to use and carried on your belly quickly accessible. I also have a Shimoda Toploader, but I don’t really find it suitable for carrying with a belt at hip height.

You can watch both videos below about Thomas and Murray’s 100 mile journey across Isle of Skye.

Hiking the length of Skye – Part I
Hiking the length of Skye – Part II
This blogpost is also available in Dutch.

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